Office Skills & Catering


The Office Skills and Catering Course is a QQI Level 4 (Leaving Certificate equivalent) course designed to give young people a chance to learn a range of vocational and life skills, to help them focus on their future and support their progression into the workplace or further education.

Course Content

Digital Media Technology

You will learn about and use a range of current digital media
technologies and applications to include digital video and audio, social media applications and mobile technologies to create digital media content.

Office Skills

You will learn how to perform general office and administrative duties.

Handling Food Hygienically

You will learn to prepare and handle food safely and hygienically, in compliance with regulation, legislation and current best practice.

Short Order Cookery

You will learn basic food preparation tasks and prepare selection of breakfast and lunch menu items.

Customer Service

You will learn how to offer good customer service within a work, social or voluntary environment.


You will learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally in everyday tasks, in real life and in the workplace.

Work Experience

You will learn to how to participate in the workplace for 2 weeks and how to work effectively in the working environment.

Functional Mathematics

You will learn to recognise situations where mathematics can be used meaningfully in daily life and learn the mathematical skills to function in the workplace and in your personal life.

Information Technology Skills

You will be able to use applications in information technology and develop skills in data entry, word processing, and using the internet.

Business Calculations

You will learn to perform common calculations which may be encountered in personal and business environments.

Personal and Interpersonal Development

You will learn & develop the skills and knowledge to be successful in life and the workplace, working independently & with others.


QQI Level 4 Major Award in General Learning (4M2010)

Course code




Number of places


Entry requirements

None required, Junior Certificate/ QQI Level 3 ideally.




9-4 Mon-Thurs, 9-1 Friday

Progression options

QQI Level 5 in a College of Further Education, work or an apprenticeship