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Charity Trustee Week

This is our first year celebrating Charity Trustee Week, as we very recently obtained our Charity Status. Liberties Training Centre would like to thank its trustees who voluntarily give their time, skills and support, ensuring the centre is the best that it can be. Anthony Joyce, who has been a trustee for one year, tells us his experience.

Winners Category 1 of the 2021 Generation Apprenticeship Schools and Centres Competition

A team of learners from Liberties Training Centre Woodwork Course has been awarded first prize in Category 1 of the Generation Apprenticeship Schools and Centres Competition. The competition aims to raise awareness and help learners visualise how they can combine future careers through apprenticeships with their commitment to green values and sustainable futures. Congratulations to […]

Bricolage Bursary

Making that jump to further education can be a big step, and sometimes a financial hurdle as well, especially when starting out. Thankfully, a local business, Bricolage, has agreed to sponsor two of our learners who have finished their studies in Liberties to progress onto further education or training for September 2021. Bricolage is cultural understanding business, […]