Charity Trustee Week

This is our first year celebrating Charity Trustee Week, as we very recently obtained our Charity Status. Liberties Training Centre would like to thank its trustees who voluntarily give their time, skills and support, ensuring the centre is the best that it can be. Anthony Joyce, who has been a trustee for one year, tells us his experience.

“I set up my law firm in the Liberties in 2004 and in 2016 we moved into our office premises across the road from the Liberties Training Centre (LTC). I was vaguely aware of the work that LTC was doing but it wasn’t until I received a tour of the centre, that I fully understood the life-changing work that they do. This inspired me to join the board and help contribute to the area, becoming a trustee of The Liberties Training Centre CLG in November 2020.

The LTC is a place for young people to have a safe space to grow, learn and reach their full potential. The centre has provided training and support to generations of people from the Liberties and surrounding areas and many have developed excellent careers in their chosen fields.

I was given an opportunity to represent the board at the graduation in August 2021. It was a wonderful occasion seeing the confident students receiving their parchments. These students have found their niche and are now excited about learning. A local business, Bricolage provided scholarships for two of the graduates to continue with their studies. Now when I see the students busy coming and going from LTC, it is very rewarding to know that I am playing a small part in their future.”

Charity Trustee Weeks runs between 15th – 19th November to acknowledge the contribution that trustees make throughout the year to support Irish charities.